A great start to September flying.


We had a great start to September with some superb weather and lots of flying.  The bank holiday weekend was a bit of a mixed bag but started off well and finished well!  Lloyd, Doris and Audrey had a superb flight and were some of our oldest customers of the year.  I’m sure Audrey won’t mind me telling you that she was bought the flight by her family to celebrate her 90th Birthday!  I hope I have her spirit when I reach that age.


 The weather was very kind to Jenny who had secretly arranged a flight for her husband, Stuart, to take place on the day of his 40th Birthday.  The plan came together superbly well.  Jenny even had to get their paddock cut so we could set up the balloon and launch from there.  Stuart suspected nothing and was completely suprised when he opened the “Balloon in a Box” shortly before we arrived.


 Most people come ballooning because they are celebrating a special occasion like a Birthday or Anniversary but Mark flew with us on September 4th to celebrated his 100th Blood Donor Session – now that’s a real achievement.


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