On a Clear Day

At lunchtime last Saturday (21st August 2011) it was raining.  The forecast was for the rain to clear through and for light winds so it looked as though we would be able to fly.  The weather forecasts are not always right so it was with apprehension that we called the flight on for Saturday evening!  It turned out to be absolutely the right decision – it was a fabulous evening and the visibility was superb as you can see from the photos sent in by Brian – yes that is the Gherkin and the London Eye you can see!

The south coast and Isle of Wight could also be seen clearly.

We got the following email from Brian:-


This is to say thanks for a great trip on Saturday.  We were lucky on two counts, it was a fine decision whether to go or not and it was an exceptionally clear day.

I was additionally lucky because I have recently added a new zoom lense to my camera and had it with me.  I took some speculative shots and attach some for you to see.  Together they include the London Eye/the Gherkin/Shard and Docklands.  Looking south I am not so sure, the tower on the right was, I think called the Portsmouth Tower but, all I know of in that area is the Spinnaker which this does not seem to be.

Thanks for a memorable trip.

Brian Adams”

Graham and Jacquie were also on the same flight and sent the following email:-


A big thank you to Tony, you and the rest of the team for the wonderful flight we had last Saturday evening.  It was our first flight and at 2 in the afternoon we feared that you would be cancelling because of the terrible weather.  How wrong could we have been.  By the time of the flight the weather was perfect.  The visibility was absolutely superb, to see the Isle of Wight, the Solent and the English Channel over one shoulder and London over the other was special.  We thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and will no doubt book with you again.

Very many thanks,

Jacquie and Graham”


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