Thank You!

Sheila flew with us last Friday (4th June 2010).  Due to the A3 being closed and the subsequent traffic chaos we diverted to another launch site that day.  It was a beautiful evening with lots of balloons flying and from the email received from Sheila (copied below) I think she enjoyed her flight!

“Dear Sarah,

Thank you very much for all that you, Tony and the rest of the team (including the dog!) did to make last night such an enjoyable and memorable experience for us all.  It can’t have been easy having to take into account not only the normal vagaries like the weather, but also two major accidents and the resultant traffic chaos.  As it was the take off site seemed perfect from our point of view, the whole experience magical and the champagne at the end of the evening a perfect and welcome conclusion to the event.

You went to great lengths to make the evening special for each one of us and seemed sensitive to everyone’s needs without exposing them.

I’ve made a mental note that when I win the lottery and purchase a particularly large property in Surrey it should be under your flight path, if not a suitable taking off or landing point!

My husband took several photographs which will serve as a personal reminder of a special day and I do appreciate all that you and the team did for us.

With best wishes Sheila”


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