That’s a difficult one to answer especially as even the Metoffice got it wrong in 2009 when they told us we were going to have a BBQ summer!!  We are definitely overdue a good summer – but will it be 2010?  Going by some of the weather we have had so far in April and May it could be that we are going to have as well as a BBQ summer a ballooning summer this year!

Take a look at www.positiveweathersolutions.co.uk As well as daily and weekly weather forecasts they also publish monthly and long range forecasts.

For June they are predicting a fine, dry and warm start to the month with relatively settled conditions lasting into the middle of the month.  Looking into the second half of June it looks as though it will cool down and we may get some showery conditions.  They do say that towards the end of the month it will warm up again and drier warmer weather will prevail into July.

For the rest of the Summer they are predicting favourable conditions with some decent stretches of dry weather.  So watch this space and we will see how good their prediction was!


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